Nanna Lyngman

“It’s been 10 years since I was at my first Living Yolates class at Mikkala, and I was sold from the very first stage! Since then I have been to countless Living Yolate’s hours, and have taught me to Living Yolate’s instructor, which I am living in teaching today.

Living Yolates has a very unique tune that causes the world around you to disappear when you arrive at your yoga mat. The form of training has a holistic approach to the body, which is opened in the most loving and most nutritious way, so you easily find its strength, balance and agility. Living Yolates also focuses on bringing to mind, strength and freedom of mind and soul – You are guided to release control and to feel softness, joy, strength, true presence, calm and immersion

I see Living Yolates as a playful room where there is room for the whole human being. There is room for the little child who felt abandoned and alone in the world and to the child it was so happy that the next one could not be in his body. There is room for the woman / man who has wishes, dreams, lusts and hope. As has old wounds there must be healing, limits to be put and ideas to be lived out. Yolates opens up all this – opens up so you can feel yourself. So you dare be with your grief, your enthusiasm, your potential, your courage. So you can go out into the world and live the life there.”


Avalon Khan

“To be honest I’ve always hated to do any kind of exercise. Movement has always come from a duty place and not a pleasure-filled place. The first time I tried a Living Yolates with Mikkala I was sold. The feeling it gave me in the body did I was hungry for more and I immediately booked the education as an instructor in Bali. What the education was given me can’t be putten on paper but I will try. The best investment in my life. Internal strength in body and self-esteem. More flow in ALL areas. Last piece missing in my life. It’s an ingenious tool in my business as a heart business mentor to bring my customers into the body where the real wisdom lives. So if you want to go from the head and down the body and put yourself and your flow FREE so hurry to book your space. I will promise you one thing. You can not afford to leave”


Judy M. Jorgensen

“Since the day I was admitted to Living Yolates Teacher Training, I have been aware of one thing: that this would change my life. It must be said to be mild, because through LY and the trip to Bali, my life has been completely transformed. On all plans!!

Mikkala’s amazing way to learn, guest lovers, nature, experiences and this education, in the most comprehensive training form I have experienced, merges perfectly.

I can’t praise it enough! I hope to attend again and again, for nothing I’ve ever tried can measure with this. Living Yolates Teacher Training in Bali is a gift, for all of you who will be teaching you, but most of all for yourself. For your body, soul and heart.”


Satie Espersen

“I changed my life with Living Yolates by coincedence 3 years ago. Here is a list of what I’ve achieved since my first morning class with Mikkala:. I’ve found my inner dancing queen, I’ve never felt better in my body&mind, I’ve found the perfect way to practice yoga (because of the “uptempo vibe” I get it done because it suits my energy better), I’ve found the love of my life and opened a studio and had a baby, I’ve become a Living Yolates instructor to share this amazing training with the world! After all these life changing things I am still thankful everyday that I found Living Yolates, because it really is the reason why all these things happend to me! Living Yolates changes your mindset and belief in what is possible. It guides you in to your own light so you can shine on like a crazy diamond.

The first time I experienced Mikkala’s beautiful personality I thought “she must be acting. It can’t possibly be true that one can be SO HAPPY and glowing all the time?!” But after training with her every week I realized that she is so real that you can get when you decide to live from the most positive place in you! And that is VERY inspiring. She is the tour guide on my personal goddess journey. Where I am exactly as I should be and I love my self for it. Namasté”


Katrine Birk

“Living Yolates is the most amazing form of training in the whole world (without any exaggeration!). The Living Yolates education really opened my body and my life for unbelievably much flow and body awareness.

As alternative treatments, Living Yolates have been the last stage before the whole body and the energy system made sense to me. It’s the wildest power injection, and the wildest way to manifest the energy you really wish for in your life<3 Really a huge recommendation of the training and education.”


Fillippa Alvilda

“Why is Living Yolates never boring or something that needs to be done? LY is driven from the heart in a high vibrating atmosphere. As LY Teacher I have learned to connect the basic alignment and anatomy, as I have learned to teach from the heart, and follow my intuition while creating a high vibrating atmosphere. With this I can take LY into my own system and use in my own personally way.

My whole body smiles from the inside out when I am around Mikkala. It must have something to do with her sweetness and silly giggling to details in life. On the other hand I have a huge respect for the dedicated and ambitious way she bring LY out in life.”


Vibekke Zol

“I work daily at a special school and teaches dance in West Jutland. In spring 2017, I was educated Living Yolates instructor in Bali who for me, has put a whole new and clear light on my own life, but also gave me the ability to create a special light on many around me with this magical form. Being able to spoil the body in this way that everyone can join is unique and really something that gives me incredible meaning. Whether it’s like educating physically / mentally handicapped children and youths, at dance schools or for events with forthcoming men / women, the joy of Living Yolates is so great and I’m proud to be able to give this joy to many more. The body is so wild and let’s take care of it with pampering and care!”