IN PERU 2020


Get the best of yoga, pilates, dance, meditation and energy work in one holistic training method.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to this years LYTT in the Sacred Valley in Peru. Our 250 HR LYTT in Peru is designed to bring you to a place of beauty and awe of the sacred land of the Inkas. There is a reason why people do pilgrimages to the many sacred sites and mountains of Peru, and it doesn’t take scientist to feel the power and beauty of this place. Nestled in the Valley we found a hidden gem and perfect host for the Teacher Training. We welcome you to a place of transformation and scenic beauty.
Are you ready to become a radiant inspirational Living Yolates teacher? Do you want to come on a transformational journey where you deepen your connection to yourself and receive tools on how to live your life fully?


– Knows that body, mind and soul is deeply connected
– Want a strong body from the inside out
– Want to release low self esteem and your inner critic
– Want to step in to your own power
– Open up to more joy and freedom in your life
– Want to become your own master teacher
– Who wish to help others to more joy and wellness in life
– Want to teach on a deeper level
– Want to compassionate and loving community
– Dare to trust yourself and believe in your dreams
– Find the courage to live your life to the fullest
If you are curious to learn, passionate about the method and feel ready to work intensely with your body and mind, then Living Yolates Teacher Training is definitely for you! This training can be a supplement to a training form that you have previously done, or it can be the start of something completely new and adventurous for you.

What will I learn?

Living Yolates Teacher Training is a deep and thorough education in the Living Yolates method. A combination of yoga, pilates and dance in sensuous flow founded by Mikkala Marilyn Kissi. Besides from these three main movement styles you will receive knowledge and training in:
–Deep body awareness
– To balance between the maskulin and feminin energy in life
– How to balance your body and mind with breathing technics
– Healing of imbalances
– To feel deeply connected to your own essence and stand in your power
– Learning about yoga asana in a dynamic flow
– In depth pilates techniques
– How to use dance as a tool for liberation and healing
– Learning about the wisdom of yoga, alignment and functional anatomy
– Qi gong movement and energi work
– Learning about acupressure, emotional links to organs and muscles, meridians and energy therapy
– How to integrate music, sound and aroma therapy in your teachings
– The Living Yolates melody, how to assemble a Living Yolates class as a complete experience
– How to become your leadership and guidance
– Become part of a loving and supportive community
You will learn how to teach and communicate Living Yolates from heart to heart. The training aims to develop a deeper connection to your true self, a higher awareness of life, in depth self inquiry and an understanding of the mental, spiritual and physical process of embodiment. This education is perfect as a immersion for self inquiry or further education to any previous education in pilates, yoga, dance or alternative therapies.

The five pillars of Living Yolates

Through the five pillars of Living Yolates you will learn how to facilitate and move a class with grace and ease
Pranayama – Conscious breathing
Meditation – Mental awareness, concentration and merging with Self
Movement – Yoga, pilates, dance & Qigong
Alignment – Body awareness and Anatomy
Energy – Universal energy work
Unique opportunity to dive into your own practise and learn how to teach from a intuitive place. To weave together a practise that creates more flow and ease. Learn how to make a difference in your life, as you tune in to your innate super powers!

Take a leap and fill in the application today

You will find the application form here
Comprehensive home studies. 50 hours of comprehensive home studies include training videos for daily use, reading material on energy work, anatomy self study and more.
One month training. A lot can happen in a month! We are here to support your learning process, offering assistance and skillful guidance to create a loving environment.
200 contact hours with your teachers. Mikkala Marilyn Kissi is the main facilitator, who together with Isa Raim and local guest teachers will guide you through the training, and be supporting your growth from start to finish.
Complete Living Yolates Manual.A very thorough manual explaining all the contents you need to know to understand Living Yolates and useful inspiration for your classes and home practise.
Final test. An opportunity to take a test and become a certified Living Yolates teacher at the end of the month in Peru.
You receive a whole month of training in lush surroundings in Peru, with a deep guidance into the method of Living Yolates. There will be necessary preparatory practises (reading, getting intimate with online training videos and more), to prepare you for the intense experience of a month long training with intense learning and lots of personal transformation. It is crucial for your stamina that you work on building your cardio and strength in the preparatory contents on the Living Yolates online learning forum. Spending a whole month in a high altitude with a different wildlife can be an intense experience in itself. It may take the body a while to adjust to the height and the energy of the land.
During this month we will work with yoga, pilates, dance, qigong, meditation, energy work, chakra sounding, vibrational healing, anatomy and alignment, music comprehension and how to compose your own teachings and Living Yolates programs. It all ends with an optional test where you give a short class teaching from heart to heart. Mikkala will provide loving feedback and coaching along the journey and a total personal transmission toward the end of the training, to celebrate your development and bring light to what’s ahead for you to continue your work.
The education concludes with a festive celebration of the journey we have shared together and individually. This is a nice opportunity to share your love with your fellow graduates before entering the world with new eyes.
The teachings will primarily take place during week days in our retreat center in Peru, however we are inclined to make changes along the way, so please be dedicated to staying on site and not making a lot of plans during your training in Peru.  This is not a retreat or working holiday, it is a teacher training in it’s very essence from beginning to end. While you are in Peru, you might want to visit some of the beautiful sites of the sacred Valley like Machu Picchu, ruins of Cusco, Pisac, Ollantaytambo etc. We have designed a optional weekend excursion “package” with trips to introduce you to the sacred culture of this land. You can choose to stay in the little oasis of Sacha Munay or journey on in your freetime with a local guide that we hand picked for these excursions, for the most authentic and safe experience. More information about this in the welcome letter.
The online material counts as 50 hours of education. Additionally, your personal training program, which you practice every day during the education period.
To become certified in Living Yolates there is a final exam. In Peru this will take place during our time together as everyone will take part in the exams supporting as students. This is a very insightful experience for everyone.  The exam takes place during the final days in Peru  and allows you to teach 30 minutes based on a program planned and composed by you. The atmosphere during the test is very compassionate and we will ensure that you will feel comfortable in the collective field. Mikkala Marilyn Kissi assess whether you are ready to teach Living Yolates and pass the exam, or if you need more practice and the option for a re-examination. A re-examination can be booked when you feel ready and will have an additional cost. It is possible to send a exam video if you live in a different country than Denmark or if physical examination cannot be arranged.
Sach’a Munay, which translates as “love from the ancient forest”, is nestled in an oasis of native plants and fruit trees and is nourished by a magnificent waterfall. It is a place to connect to the incredible depth and beauty of what nature offers.
“The Sacred Valley of Peru, where we are located, is a lovely spot in the Andes Mountains and home of the twelve mountains known as “apus” — “luminous beings” who are said to intercede on behalf of people. Those who come to our center have the opportunity to commune directly with these mountains, as well as with the local curanderos and pacos (healers), who engage with us for ritual and ceremony. We believe our world today benefits greatly from contact with these ancient sites and ways.
We have a heart-felt mission to create a fabulous, nourishing environment in which to experience this special place as well as the retreat you have come here to do. To this end, our programs range from yoga and other practices; to personal healing and reflection; to practical workshops on permaculture. Our guests at Sach’a Munay Retreat and Yoga Center are served delicious meals with locally-grown and lovingly prepared ingredients. Each guest room is a reflection of the Peruvian culture of the Sacred Valley. Thanks to our staff, the entire center embodies the kindness, love and wholeness that seem to permeate this magical place.”
Sacha Munay sets the frame for our teacher training with comfortable rooms, beds and lush green and mountain views. There will be options to book single and shared accommodation as you please. All meals will be served in the complex, and we can ensure that your dietary restrictions are met.
Any questions about the accommodation and diets can be sent to

Mikkala Marilyn Kissi is the founder of Living Yolates and Living Yolates Teacher Training, and will lead us as the primary teacher of the education. You can read more about Mikkala’s story here

Isa Raim teaches yoga alignment, body awareness and anatomy at Living Yolates Teacher Training. Isa is a very inspiring and charming yoga teacher and physical therapist, who always teaches with great passion, joy and a great sense of communicating the essence. His educational background stretches in many different modalities such as Anusara Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Trika Yoga with Swami Chetanananda, Embodied Flow™ with Tara Judelle and Scott Lyonns, Living Yolates, Rasa Yoga with Sianna Sherman, Bowspring, Meditation training with Sally Kempton and Foundation Training. He also has lot’s of experience with shamanic practises that inspires him to share and celebrate community gatherings in ceremony with the earth and the whole of life.
Isa’s way of conveying anatomy is unpretentious, interesting and easy-to-learn. You will get a total of 8 hours of practical and theoretical knowledge from Isa plus preparing exercises and assignments.
Price includes:
– 250 hour Living Yolates Teacher Training in Peru
– Free spring water, tea and coffee. Meals and accommodation are paid separately for this training.


6000 Dkk  – deposit required upon booking to secure your spot (non-refundable deposit)
Earlybird price:24000 DKK
Note that there is ONLY 5 spots available for the earlybird.
Normal price: 27000 DKK 


*flight and accommodation is not included
Once you have been admitted to the program you must reserve your spot by paying a deposit. The amount is part of the total price.
Remark that the deposit can not be refunded when it is first paid!
Accommodation and food investment:
Our gorgeous hosts Sacha Munay are providing a favorable rate for our stay and all meals included in the price. The complex we are staying in is called Santuario, and is part of a bigger property with different sections.
Munay Sonqo Santuario is a recently created annex to Munay Sonqo.
“This is our newest addition to our retreat center, a separate and private area on its own, yet still enjoying all of the amenities and offering of the main property and more! This area is just a short stroll from the center and has the advantages of being completely secluded and exclusive to the group. It is made up of a large Spanish style house Casablanca, a smaller house with pool we call Casa piscina,  traditional adobe bunglaows, a stunning Maloca (with comfortable space for 26 guests) massage rooms, a temazcal (sweat lodge) cold plunge pool and firepit all under the stars (and in your own backyard). The two adobe bungalows are private suites with unique circular kitchens and private patios. The two large homes on the property provide a large private dining area for the group (with chef and kitchen team) as well as two living rooms spaces each with fireplaces, one kitchen for your own use and of course, the gardens and swimming pool to enjoy!”
60 USD PP pr night in shared double or tripple accommodation
  • 30 nights incl food adds to 1800 USD
95 USD PP pr night in single accommodation (limited spaces available)
  • 30 nights incl food adds to 2850 USD
For more information look at
For booking inquiry write
Before you send your application, please note that there are certain admission requirements to this training. To ensure high level of understanding and quality in the trainings, we have formed a list of requirements that each person needs to meet at some level to enroll. The requirements are as follows:
– Have practiced yoga, dance, pilates or Living Yolates on a regular basis for at least 12 months.
– Do not have any serious injuries or illnesses that will put you at high risk in intense circumstances (high altitude, dry air, changing climate, long hours).
– Have taken at least 3 classes with Mikkala online or a 8 week course (online or in person=.
– Have set aside the necessary time for a comprehensive learning process.
– Have the desire to go deep into his/her practice, and self inquiry.
– Be prepared to show up in your life in a big way. Things will come up for everyone in ways you never expected, so please open your heart to the whole experience.
– Have the time for the whole course and be able to participate in all lessons. We only accept a minimum of absence during the training, unless there is disease and other factors at stake.


  • What the education has given me can’t be putten on paper but I will try. The best investment in my life. Internal strength in body and self-esteem. More flow in ALL areas. Last piece missing in my life. It’s an ingenious tool in my business as a heart business mentor to help my customers get into the body where the real wisdom lives. So if you want to get from the head and down in the body and set yourself and your flow FREE so hurry up and book your spot.

    Avalon Khan
  • Since the day I was accepted to the Living Yolates Teacher Training, I have been aware of one thing: that this would change my life. This was mildly understand, because through LY and the trip to Bali, my life has been completely transformed. On every level!!….

    Judy M. Jorgensen
  • I changed my life with Living Yolates by coincidence 3 years ago. Here is a list of what I’ve achieved since my first morning class with Mikkala:. I’ve found my inner dancing queen, I’ve never felt better in my body&mind, I’ve found the perfect way to practice yoga (because of the “uptempo vibe” I get it done because it suits my energy better), I’ve found the love of my life and opened a studio and had a baby, I’ve become a Living Yolates instructor to share this amazing training with the world!
    After all these life changing things I am still thankful everyday that I found Living Yolates, because it really is the reason why all these things happened to me!

    Satie Espersen
  • Living Yolates is the most amazing form of training in the whole world (without any exaggeration!). The Living Yolates education really opened my body and my life for unbelievably much flow and body awareness.
    As alternative treatments, Living Yolates have been the last stage before the whole body and the energy system made sense to me. It is the wildest power injection, and the wildest way to manifest the energy you really wish for in your life<3 Really a huge recommendation of the training and education.

    Katrine Birk
  • Why is Living Yolates never boring or something that needs to be done? LY is driven from the heart in a high vibrating atmosphere. As a LY Teacher I have learned to connect the basic alignment and anatomy, as I have learned to teach from the heart, and follow my intuition while creating a high vibrating atmosphere. With this I can take LY into my own system and use it in my own personally way.
    My whole body smiles from the inside out when I am around Mikkala. It must have something to do with her sweetness and silly giggling to details in life. On the other hand I have a huge respect for the dedicated and ambitious way she bring LY out in life.

    Fillippa Alvilda
  • It’s been 10 years since I was at my first Living Yolates class at Mikkala, and I was sold from the very first stage! Since then I have been to countless Living Yolate’s hours, and have taught me to Living Yolate’s instructor, which I am living in teaching today.
    Living Yolates has a very unique tune that causes the world around you to disappear when you arrive at your yoga mat. The form of training has a holistic approach to the body, which is opened in the most loving and most nutritious way, so you easily find its strength, balance and agility. Living Yolates also focuses on bringing to mind, strength and freedom of mind and soul – You are guided to release control and to feel softness, joy, strength, true presence, calm and immersion
    I see Living Yolates as a playful room where there is room for the whole human being. There is room for the little child who felt abandoned and alone in the world and to the child it was so happy that the next one could not be in his body. There is room for the woman / man who has wishes, dreams, lusts and hope. As has old wounds there must be healing, limits to be put and ideas to be lived out. Yolates opens up all this – opens up so you can feel yourself. So you dare be with your grief, your enthusiasm, your potential, your courage. So you can go out into the world and live the life there.

    Nanna Lyngman
  • I work daily at a special school and teaches dance in West Jutland. In spring 2017, I was educated Living Yolates instructor in Bali who for me, has put a whole new and clear light on my own life, but also gave me the ability to create a special light on many around me with this magical form. Being able to spoil the body in this way that everyone can join is unique and really something that gives me incredible meaning. Whether it’s like educating physically / mentally handicapped children and youths, at dance schools or for events with forthcoming men / women, the joy of Living Yolates is so great and I’m proud to be able to give this joy to many more. The body is so wild and let’s take care of it with pampering and care!

    Vibekke Zol