Living Yolates Teacher Training – module descriptions


Module 1 Yoga, asanas, alignment, pranayama (breathing exercises), Chakra energy system, sound healing, and meditation are in focus on the first module of the TT. Release old trauma and emotions. Set your intention and become aware of your dreams and wishes.

Module 2 Pilates exercises, core, center, and returning to your own power. Teachings in the posture muscles, dignity, to own your power, stand up, and rediscover your will power.

Module 3 Dance (afro, moderne, house, free)  Qigong, grounding og earth plug, opening up to more life joy, flow and pleasure. Dance is healing, and helps you let go of control and the feeling of being locked down. Spontaneous joy and release.

Module 4 Teachings in the Living Yolates ‘melody’ itself, how the form of training and a program is put together. Building a program, music, communicating and teaching, choice of words and working with your energy.

Module 5 Here you will land all new knowledge, get strong in your inner power, stand strong with yourself, and let your personality shine through. You enter the core of your special powers and learn how to teach in Living Yolates from heart to heart <3

Module 6 You teach the others from the LYTT course and find out whether you are ready to teach in Living Yolates or need more time to take it all in and take the exam at a later time. Perhaps you have joined the LYTT for your own self development’s sake, wishing to lift your spirit and gain a deeper level of body awareness. I will guide you all from where you are and talk you through the steps to take to live your dream life.