NEWS! In 2017 Living Yolates Teacher Training is being offered as a 200-hour teacher training in Bali (February/March) and in Denmark (May) – scroll down to read more


Nyhedsbrev BALI flowerai INSTAFORMAT


You now have the opportunity to apply for the next Living Yolates Teacher Training which takes place at Bali in the beginning of 2017. From February 15th to March 15th 2017, in what could be the cold winter months for you, join Living Yolates at beautiful Bali. It will be a transformational journey with the holistic training form Living Yolates, deep personal development and pure joy for the body and mind – amazing nature, warmth and serene settings.

You are also more than welcome to apply for the next Living Yolates Teacher Training in Denmark (starts May 2017), which will be held as weekend courses – read more about this option further down on this page. 

Find the new dates here (in danish)



Living Yolates Teacher Training in Bali

– 30 days retreat and teacher training in Bali

– 21 immersive days with teachings in Living Yolates

– All weekends are free to let all new knowledge land and really recharge – take nature walks, excursions, see temples, swim in the nearby river and rest

– 1 live day in Copenhagen, Saturday December 3rd with introduction and opening up to the teacher training

– January 2nd is when the teacher training officially starts with your own personal training programme and online material, which will prepare you for the teaching at Bali

– After this amazing journey and the retreat at Bali you will be certified Living Yolates Teacher and will be able to teach Living Yolates all over this beautiful planet


This Teacher Training is right for you if you:

– Love yoga, meditation and mindful living

– Have a holistic approach to life and your health

– Want to feel the deep strength of pilates and core work, which will give you power to own yourself, your life force, and take responsibility 

– Want a deep sense of body awareness

– Love to dance and wish to dance much more 

– Want to be taught a training form that works therapeutic and as healing

– Have a wish to find back home to your essence

– Would like to give yourself a loving energy boost

– Wish to help others walk the walk and feel a greater sense of freedom

– Need a breathing space and deep revitalization

– Want to join the adventure at the magical island Bali

– Need to feel the nature and reconnect your essence to Mother Earth

– Love to be in a state of transformation with an open mind

– Wish to venture out on a journey out into the world and into yourself where you also get a break from the every-day-life, your routines, and Winter

– Are ready to give yourself a magnificient present and really invest in yourself

– Would love to make a difference for others and help make this world a better and safer place to be 

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In Depth Teacher Training and Retreat at Bali 

At this Teacher Training you will receive 30 days retreat at Bali, 21 teaching days, and 4 weekends to let all this new knowledge land in your body and mind, recharge, and give space to your process. It will be a great adventure of personal development in a nourishing environment that allows you to let go of everything that no longer serves you. In your free tim you will also have the possibility to explore the area’s unique nature and visit the serene temple sites. You will have delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals served 3 times a day, which allows you to immerse yourself into the Teacher Training’s content and your personal transformation. You experience time and space to just receive and feel the quietness.

Living Yolates Teacher Training is an in depth teacher training – also at a personal level – and it gives you a great opportunity to transform your life, physically, emotionally, and mentally. To open up to this change and potential we meet for a introductory day in Copenhagen, Saturday 3rd. Here we also open up to a sense of community and to meet each other before the journey. You will receive your Living Yolates manual on this day and open up to the first part of the journey. It is extremely beneficial for the group to meet before the month at Bali where everyone can connect to each other and open up to a warm and loving sense of community. 

There will be 50 hours of preparation before the trip to Bali. This consists of a personal training programme, that you will be doing for an hour 5 days a week starting January 2nd and until the teaching starts at Bali. You will also get access to an interesting online compendium with video guides and mental exercises, which will teach you all the fundamental techniques of Living Yolates. This will help you feel ready in your body and mind and give you the opportunity to reach even further at Bali. You will achieve greater results, a deeper development, and experience more enjoyment. 

It’s time to apply for this magical journey to Bali


The place – Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness

We stay at Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness situated in a lush valley surrounded by rice terraces near the holy mountain Gunung Agung at Eastern Bali. The nearest village is Tabola, just a short walk away from Nirarta. Close by you will also find the small town Sidemen where you can find local shops amongst other things. The climate in this area is always nice and warm, but a bit cooler compared to by the coasts. 

See more from Nirarta here




Deposit: 6.500 kr. (to be paid when accepted to the Teacher Training)

Early Bird Price to the first 8: 18.500 kr. (to be paid besides the deposit – total price 25.000 kr.)

Ful Price: 20.500 kr. (to be paid besides the deposit – total price 27.000 kr.) 

There is the possibility to pay for the Teacher Training in 5 installment payments 5 of 5.400 kr. each starting September 1st and paying the last rate January 1st 2017 (there will be added a fee of 200 kr. per rate) Please write an e-mail to for more information or if you have any questions regarding payment.

The price includes 200 hours Living Yolates Teacher Training, luxury Living Yolates manual, online teaching material, 1 introductory live day in Copenhagen in December, 30 days retreat, teacher training and stay at Bali, 3 daily fresh meals, and the certificate after having completed the training.

If you want a spot on this magnificent journey, apply now!


Living Yolates Teacher Training in Denmark 2017

This video is a introduction to Living Yolates Teacher Traning in Denmark. 


Living Yolates Teacher Training is 130 hours of carefully planned education in yoga, pilates, dance, meditation, Qigong, Vibrational Healing, and anatomy, as well as how to teach others and communicate Living Yolates. This TT offers you an opportunity to find a deeper connection to yourself as a means to personal development. If it is in your practice to teach others, the TT provides you with the knowledge and ability to teach your students Living Yolates. Fill out the application form here.

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Living Yolates Teacher Training in Denmark


Is LYTT for you? 

Say goodbye to heavy energy, suppressed self-esteem, and the inner negative voice. Say hello to Living Yolates, which is a holistic form of exercise working from the idea of the full human being – body, mind, and soul connected. Mikkala Marilyn Kissi lovingly guides you to say goodbye to all that does not serve you any longer. You will receive knowledge and support to become a conscious and passionate teacher either to yourself or to others as well. Perhaps you will use this TT as an extension to other physical educations, or maybe this is your first step in a new direction. If you feel passionate about learning more, want to reach deeper, and work intensely with body and mind, LYTT is the right choice for you.

You will be prepared for and capable of teaching on a deeper level, which in this manner offer you to achieve greater results and reach a new potential. With LYTT you learn how to use your magnificient personality and teach straight from your heart with compassion and understanding. When you teach from your heart, you reach other hearts. Do you dare to trust yourself and believe in your dreams? Do you want to become your own guide to happiness and success?

Take the plunge now and join LYTT

Prepare yourself to let go of unnecessary worries and stressfulness in your life. LYTT is right for you if you love to mix styles (yoga, pilates, dance), if you are already a teacher and need new inspiration, if you are open to the idea of a connected body and mind, if you want to feel the entire you and teach from your heart to others’, if you like to use dance as a source of freedom and joy, if you are curious about alignment and anatomy, if you are passionate and feel it is time to spread your good energy, and if you want to learn how to be your own mentor.

Maybe you are tired of feeling sad, serious, misunderstood, or limited. Perhaps each day feels restricted or gray, and you dream of running away from you life but do not know where to run. This is also a good starting point if you are thinking about applying to LYTT.

Do you recognize yourself in the above, then please feel free to apply.


Five Pillars of Living Yolates

Pranayama – Conscious breathing

Meditation – Mental awareness

Movement – Yoga, pilates, dance, and Qigong

Alignment – Body awareness and anatomy

Energy – Universal energy work

Living Yolates gives you the willpower and courage to live your dreams.


You get:

One-to-one healing session (90 min.) with Louise Dissing, to open up the education and your personal journey, and to see your intention clearly.

6 Modules with deep practice in Yoga, Pilates, dance, Qigong, meditation, energy work, chakra sound healing, Vibrational Healing Workshop, chanting, anatomy, how to teach from your heart, how to use sounds and music, how to teach Living Yolates, and the Living Yolates Teacher Training Exam. You get a personal talk from Mikkala Marilyn Kissi with feedback, mentoring and coaching to take with you.

We end together celebrating in a luxurious Spa to end the education, celebrate the journey together, and connect to each other before moving on to something new. You can read more details about the modules here.


Certification and exam

In order to get certified Living Yolates Teacher, there is a final exam to pass. The exam takes place after the modules of the TT and is built up as a 30-minute class, sequenced, planned, and taught by you. The setting of the exam is familiar, calm, loving, and safe. Once certified you have the opportunity to stay updated on Living Yolates by attending an annual workshop designed for LY teachers. The workshop can also inspire you to a deeper practice. Attending the workshop gives you the right to call yourself Living Yolates Teacher and use the brand as a stamp of approval in your own business.

The possibilities as Living Yolates Teacher are endless. You can teach home and abroad, for example at company courses, workshops, or retreats.  You will also be able to teach in the Living Yolates Studio as permanent or temporary teacher.


The Teachers

Mikkala Marilyn Kissi is the founder of Living Yolates and LYTT. Please find more information about Mikkala and her story here.

Louise Dissing teaches in meditation, healing, and expansion of the consciousness. Louise is the best meditation and healing teacher, and it is such a pleasure to have her on board as teacher on LYTT. Louise is, among other things, educated from The School of Vibrational Healing in New York City, under Jonathan and Peter who are extremely inspiring.

You will receive an exclusive 90-minutes one-to-one healing session with Louise as part of the LYTT. This is an important step toward an expanded consciousness and finding greater joy. Louise will also attend during the modules teaching awareness and guiding meditations. This follows up on the private healing session from the beginning of the course. As part of one of the modules Louise teaches a Vibrational Healing Workshop, where you learn how to heal yourself and others.

Erdinc Ajredinovski teaches anatomy on the LYTT. Erdinc is an inspiring and charming yoga teacher, who always teaches with great passion, joy, and sense of communication. He teaches anatomy in an exiting and approachable manner that is relevant for your own practice. You get 8-hours of practical and theoretical anatomy with Erdinc plus preparatory homework.

Apply for a spot on the next TT HERE

Once you have been accepted to the LYTT you reserve your spot by paying a reservation fee upfront. This fee is part of the total price. Please find updated prices under the shop.

Are you ready to do something new?