Living Yolates Workshops 18/10


Product Description

Living Yolates Workshops for your body and soul.

3 hours with self love and body awareness ; )

Living Yolates is a holistic training form that aims to cover your body, mind and soul by combining the best of yoga, pilates and dance. It will strengthen and smooth your entire body, release tension and negative thoughts and open up to a free flow of energy!

The training form will support you to live in faith and open up to new opportunities, and bring more balance, joy and freedom to your body and mind.

The workshop gives you:

  • Vitality and flow
  • Profit and enjoy a new start
  • Strengthen your entire body
  • Balance and ease
  • Power to be strong in yourself
  • Opening to new opportunities and creativity in your life
  • Strength to believe in your dreams and go with the feeling of trust connects you to high awareness and to your essence.

I’m looking forward to see you on the 18/10  from 18.00-21.00.<3


Hejrevej 30, 3. sal
2400 København NV