Dancing Yolates Fridays 20/10


Product Description

Dancing Yolates Fridays for your body and soul.

3 hours with dance, sweat, strengthening exercises, cleansing stretches and a deep relaxation.

Dancing Yolates is build up on all the Living Yolates principels, but is adding more puls, heat and free movement.

This workshop will strengthen and smooth your entire body, release tension and negative thoughts and open up to a free flow of energy – all while having fun to rhythms from all over the world!

The training form supports you to live in faith and open up to new opportunities. It will bring more balance, joy and freedom to your body and mind.

The workshop is for everybody and I will guide you to listen to your own body.

I’m looking forward to see you on Friday 20/10 from 18.00-21.00.<3


Hejrevej 30, 3. sal
2400 København NV