New Years celebration and intention setting – December 30th in Copenhagen


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Workshop and One Day City Retreat with Fattima Loreen og Mikkala Marilyn Kissi
December the 30th at 15.00-19.00


Meditation – Face reading – Dancing Yolates – Energy
Join us and get ready for this magical new year coming up. Get rid of old energy that no longer serves you set your intention for 2019, by feeling your unique power. Invest in yourself and lift up you frequency so you can begin to attract more of the things that gives you lifestream, happiness and clarity.  In this special New Years Treat we would like to invite you into this sacred loving space filled with fun, energy and deep relaxation. There is space for you to express exactly who you are. Feel your inner power and potential and use this as your inner compas for the year 2019!
This is what you get:
  • Meditation
  • Deep connection to your inner being
  • Balance in your water and fire element
  • Learn how your spirit, soul and potentials express themselves through your face
  • Dancing Yolates (yoga, dance and energy work) that lets your body open up to freedom and flow
  • Connection to your passion and life force
  • A light energy massage
  • Raw snacks and energy giving, healthy and warm tonics
  • A power full new years ritual
  • A light meal and an alcohol free drink

This workshop is to all levels
Nor: Nordic Health House
Hejrevej 30, 3. sal
2400 København NV
I’m looking forward to see you / / Love and Light Mikkala Marilyn Kissi