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Dancing Yolates Teacher Training 28 hours of further education, with immersion into dance, energy flow, joy of life and healing.

ALL dates in September 2018:
6/9    10:00-17:00
7/9   11:30-18:30
9/9    11:00-18:00
10/9  09:30-16:30

Location: Vognporten 12, 2620 Albertslund (2 min. walk from Albertslund St.)

This Teacher Training is for you who’s already are certified Living Yolates teacher.

Dancing Yolates is a dancing training form that draws on inspiration from Chi-gong, Afro dance, Modern dance and Freestyle. The training form has it’s base in learning to listen and understand your body through movement of breath and energy work. Train your body from the inside out, sweat, get a high pulse and increased metabolism, and at the same time calmness and grounding. Dance is amazing for releasing old emotional blocks and tension. Dance sets you free. Opens up to your true essence and joy and connects you to your power.

This course teaches:

  • To get more grounded in your own body.
  • To strengthen your sense of rhythm, danceflow and coordination.
  • To feel at home in Afro and Modern dance.
  • Dance meditation.
  • Dance therapy.
  • Intuitive dance and play.
  • Healing through dance and meditation.
  • The build up of a Dancing Yolates Class.
  • To teach and mediate Dancing Yolates.
  • To have dance in your life, as an important tool for balance, flow and joy of life.
  • Dancing Yolates Certification


We all need more spontaneous joy, pleasure and enjoyment in our life. To let go of control and step into our true essence.<3