This class offers Yolates training, which is targeted towards mother and baby. Here we take into account all the baby’s needs and stimulate the baby with gentle movements and exciting music. At the same time, we work determinedly to rebuild the mother’s body after birth. We give great attention to reconnecting to the pelvic floor and the deep abdominal muscles, to breathing and to consciousness of the body’s core.

Mommy and me helps you strengthen and tone your entire body – stomach, back, arms, shoulders, legs and buttocks. With a mixture of strengthening exercises, dance movements, deep stretches, and relaxation, you are creating up a beautiful posture with long, lean muscles. You will regain a strong and flexible body without tensions that allows you to perform the daily chores with spontaneity and joy.  This way you can focus fully on enjoying life with your baby.

Life as a new mother often means extra worries and sometimes also stress because of the many changes in life that comes with having a child. Therefore, there is a strong emphasis on relieving stress from your thoughts and mind, so you can leave class with a sense of peace as well as renewed energy to body and mind.

As an added bonus the class offers a relaxing massage for shoulders and neck by a massage therapist. There is also a nanny attending if needed by anyone during class.