Living Yolates is a holistic ‘work out’ or form of exercise that aims to cover your body, mind, and soul by combining the best from three worlds of yoga, pilates, and dance.


Yoga gives you inner peace, strength, and balance

Pilates efficiently strengthens all core muscles

Dance is pure joy and boosts your energy


Living Yolates is much more than a way to exercise, it is a mindset and a lifestyle. It is a constant practice of letting go of negative energy such as worries, low self-esteem, tension, and limitations, and instead accepting that you are perfect just as you are, enjoy life, and trying to be more present now. In this way, the body becomes strong and flexible while you are also working with yourself on a deeper level. Living Yolates is also breaking the rules or escaping the idea of a set class structure. By mixing yoga, pilates and dance the classes become influenced by the moment and have a great sense of freedom. The exercise meets you where you are in a functional and appropriate manner. It is fundamental in Living Yolates to provide a safe space to get more in touch with yourself and learn how to listen to your body. It needs to feel right.

Living Yolates is for all who want to find a path to calmness, inner strength, self-love, and at the same time work on the body posture and get long lean muscles. The entire body gets strengthened during class. Afterwards, you perhaps feel more uplifted, positive, and free. Your body will feel stronger and less burdened by what ever could hold you down. By sensing this feeling in your own body, your mind will also expand and automatically let go of negativity. Living Yolates gives clarity to your physical and mental flow.