This Living Yolates Association is meant for you who has completed a Living Yolates Teacher Training.
It is made with a desire to keep a high standard within the Living Yolates system and to keep all Living Yolates teachers inspired and up-to-date in their sharing. If you wish to teach Living Yolates after finishing the teacher training and passing the exam, you need to be a member of Living Yolates Association. This will help you maintain a high and contemporary standard within the Living Yolates lifestyle and the silver lining within the training method.
Living Yolates is a system and training method that Mikkala Marilyn Kissi has developed and teaches. Naturally we wish to conserve the highest quality for it. It means a lot for us to continuously develop Living Yolates and to pass on the refinements and the newest knowledge to all Living Yolates certified teachers.Living Yolates is the name of the method and therefore cannot be used as a company name.
If you completed the Living Yolates Teacher Training and do not wish to be part of Association you are still able to teach Yolates, simply calling it something other then Living Yolates, fx. ZumbaLates, Sparkling Yolates etc. You are free to use all the tools you have learnt in your current practise as a yoga teacher, pilatesteacher, dance teacher, alternative therapist, psychotherapist etc.
If you wish to brand yourself Living Yolates teacher it is important that you are an associate, and a member of the Living Yolates Association. The membership costs 1.200 kr for a whole year – 100 kr a month. The membership is purchased once yearly via the online shop on this website.
Buy your LY Association membership HERE
Living Yolates Association workshops in 2018 and 2019:
18 November in NOR (nordic health house), Copenhagen from 9 am to 5 pm
30 June 2019 in Los Angeles, California