New Years Living Yolates Course 


Step in to the New Year with a strong body, an open heart and a free mind!

Be your own leader and start to act on whats really making you happy! Life is here for you to enjoy and this course is all about stepping in to your power and enjoying the now, 2018 we are ready!!!! <3

We start the 3rd of January and the last training is the 1st of February

Live sessions every Monday morning at 8.00- 9.30 an Wednesday at 19.30-21.00

In the most luxurious location NOR. Nordic Health House <3

If you feel like starting the new year with self-love, compassion for your beautiful body and inner strengt –  this is the course for you ; )

We are going to sweat and clean the body through dancing, strengthen every single muscle through Yoga and Pilates and deeply restore and rejuvenate with healing stretches… Through meditation and mental exercises you will clear you’re mind and open op to a beautiful new beginning…



This is what you get:

– 9 live training sessions with Mikkala Marylin Kissi

– a online training space full of videos to everyday home practice

– physical exercises, mental exercises and inspiration for a healthy life style

– Aroma therapy and healing massage in shavasana

– Organic tea and snacks in the most beautiful yoga shall in copenhagen


Everybody is welcome and there is room for everybody to be yourselves <3

Choose love and walk with trust <3