You can always e-mail info@livingyolates.com if your question is not on the FAQ list. You will receive a reply as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest and patience.

Can I cancel a booked class or workshop?

It is not possible to cancel a booked class or workshop. Please consider this before booking the class. In cases of severe illness or accidents please contact info@livingyolates.com.

What should I wear to a Living Yolates class?

Wear comfortable clothing suitable for movement. Preferably figure-hugging and stretchable as it then becomes easier for the teacher to correct your alignment and see how you get the most out of the exercises.

Should I bring a yoga mat?

We do have standard yoga mats in the studio you can borrow, if you have a favorite yoga mat at home you are welcome to bring it. Please note that you are not able to store your mat between classes in the studio.

When do I show up before a Living Yolates class?

The studio opens up fifteen minutes before the class starts and closes again fifteen minutes after the class is over. Please be mindful of the studio space, arrive and leave in a calm manner, respect the quietness of the space, and place the props (blankets, straps, blocks, and bolsters) neetly on the shelves.

Can I join a class if I have osteoarthritis?

In Living Yolates we use many pilates exercises that are restorative and good for rehabilitation in a gentle manner. It is recommended that you attend a class on trial basis and see how it feels. This will make it possible for you to listen to your body and see if Living Yolates is for you. Almost all exercises can be adjusted to suit the individual body and it is important to keep the body going and strengthen a healthy posture.

Can I practice Living Yolates if I am very weak in my back and neck?

Living Yolates is a gentle form of exercise, a wonderful experience and every one in the class works individually based on what they can do and how they feel in the body. We always recommend that you listen to your body and only push yourself to where it feels good. Some of the exercises are very gentle and others are more dynamic. But it is important to keep the body in motion even if you are not participating in all exercises. It’s still good. Many of the exercises are restorative and we always finish the classes with a long relaxation and meditation, which is healing for the body.

Can I practice Living Yolates when pregnant?

It is really good to keep a regular practice of Living Yolates (or other gentle physical activities) when pregnant. It is important to keep the body going throughout the entire pregnancy. It prepares you for giving birth and makes it easier to return to your body afterwards. It also gives you a more aware sense of what happens in your body before and after giving birth.
Living Yolates does not offer specific pregnancy classes at this point, but it is completely safe to attend a regular class. Depending on how you feel, you can participate in almost all exercises, since they can all be done at different levels. The foundation in Living Yolates is an understanding of everyone is different and each person knows what is best for her/his own body. When you are pregnant you should not strengthen your abdominal muscles too intense, instead you get extra pelvic floor exercises. When the stomach gets too round for you to lie on your stomach, you can do the exercises on hands and knees. Join a class to find out if this is something that suits you and your pregnancy.

How soon after giving birth can I attend a class again?

It is recommended that you begin your training between 4-12 weeks after birth, depending on how you feel. If you are motivated and feel ready to get started, you may start already after four weeks. Some individual exercises, such as direct abdominal exercises, should be avoided the first twelve weeks until the abdominal muscles are healed after birth. In Living Yolates there is a lot of exercises for the back, shoulders, neck, arms, buttocks, and legs, and you can participate in all of these.

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