Preliminary requirements

Before you send your application, please note that there are certain admission requirements to this training. To ensure high level of understanding and quality in the trainings, we have formed a list of requirements that each person needs to meet at some level to enroll. The requirements are as follows:


– Have practiced yoga, dance, pilates or Living Yolates on a regular basis for at least 6 months.

 – Do not have any serious injuries or illnesses that will put you at high risk in intense circumstances (high           humidity, heat, long  hours).

 – Have taken at least 3 classes with Mikkala online or a 8 week in-person course.

 – Have set aside the necessary time for a comprehensive learning process.

 – Have the desire to go deep into his/her practice, and self inquiry.

 – Be prepared to show up in your life in a big way. Things will come up for everyone in ways you never                    expected, so please open your heart to the whole experience.

 – Have the time for the whole course and be able to participate in all lessons. We only accept a minimum of         absence during the   training, unless there is disease and other factors at stake.


Take a leap and fill out the application today!